Meet Our Venture Team

  • Robert Adelman, MDManaging Partner

    Dr. Adelman has a 30+ year history of founding, investing in, and managing companies in the life sciences sector. Dr. Adelman received his undergraduate degree from University of California at Berkeley, his medical degree from Yale University, performed his residency at Cornell University Medical Center, and practiced surgery in New York and New Jersey.

  • Corey Goodman, PhDManaging Partner

    Dr. Goodman is a scientist, educator, and entrepreneur. He spent 25 years as Professor of Biology at Stanford University and Evan Rauch Chair of Neurobiology at Berkeley (Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology), where he was Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Head of the Neurobiology Division, and co-founder and Director of the Wills Neuroscience Institute.

  • Aaron Royston, MD, MBAPrincipal

    Dr. Royston joined venBio with experience in life science venture capital, healthcare strategy, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Royston received his undergraduate degree from Duke University, his M.D. and M.B.A. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and coordinated clinical research at Mount Sinai Medical Center, where his research has been published and presented in multiple medical journals and conferences.

  • Jaume Pons, PhDVenture Partner

    Dr. Pons is CEO of Alexo Therapeutics, a venture-funded Immuno-Oncology company co-founded and funded by venBio. Previously, as Senior Vice-President at Pfizer, he was Chief Scientific Officer and site head of Rinat (Pfizer) from 2007 to 2015, where he was responsible for portfolio delivery from idea to human proof of concept.

  • Yvonne Yamanaka, PhDAssociate

    Dr. Yamanaka joined venBio from Flagship Pioneering, where she invented technologies and helped launch life science companies as a member of the venture creation team. Dr. Yamanaka received her Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and initiated an immunotherapy program at EMD/Merck Serono.

  • David Pezeshki, CFA, CPAChief Financial Officer

    Mr. Pezeshki joined venBio after 12 years as Controller/VP of Finance at Alloy Ventures. Mr. Pezeshki is a CFA Charterholder and a Certified Public Accountant. He received a BA in Accounting (1999) and an MS in Finance (2001) from Louisiana State University.